We are aware that many customers would prefer to procure crane kits for assembly at their place or prefer to do their own girder fabrication. For such customers we supply a range of cranes in kit form.

Customer benefits from all the advantages bestowed by our design capability and component quality using electric or manual hoists with capacities ranging from 0.5 Ton onwards.

Delivery with comprehensive assembly and fabrication drawings & instructions on the assembly.

Limit Switches
Radio Remote Control
Pendent Push Button
Dc Brakes
Master Controllers
DSL Bus Bar
C-Track System
Resistance Box
Digital Weight Scale
Fabricated Gearbox
Geared Motor
Hook Assembly
Crane Wheel Assembly
Cable Trolley
Gear Coupling & Brake Drums
Drag Chain System
Cable Reeling Drum
Control Panel
Current Collector
Hydraulic Thruster Brake
Rope Guide

And, so we aim to provide the best we could to all our clients that would help them to lead towards a path of growth and development.

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