Electric Power Winches

VCIPL Electric Power Winches are designed to make easy work of heavy loads, and are the perfect solution for moving heavy goods.

A VCIPL Electric Power Winches are designed & manufactured in accordance with IS 9507 codes of practice for design, manufacturing, erection, testing of structural part of the Winches.


  • Capacity – Up to 20 T.
  • Designed as per IS-9507 and are suitable for heavy Duty applications.
  • FLAMPROOF WINCH suitable for hazardous area gas group II A and II B / II C.
  • Base Frame is Fabricated with ISMC& C Sections/Plates property ribbed, floored with checkered plate platform for working area, lifting lugs, Anchoring Holes for foundation, provided.
  • Reduction with self-made Helical Reduction Gear boxes.
  • Rope Drum is Steel fabricated Drum duly machined, with flanges at both ends.
  • Winding Capacity – Up to 500 Meters of Wire Rope (Drums with larger winding capacity can also available).
  • Motor of High Starting Torque, Class ‘B’ Insulation, 150 Starts/Hours, 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase, A.C. Induction, squirrel Cage/Slipring motors conforming to IS-12615.
  • Control & Control Panel – Operated by Push Button Station/Controller at 110V. fixed on machine. The control Equipment are like Triple Pole Reversing Contractors, H.R.C. Fuses, pilot lamp.
  • Brake are Electromagnetic/Elector Hydraulic thruster, Double Shoe Type Brake and/or Hand Operated brake provided as per requirement.
  • All Machines are tasted at 25% overload.
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