Double Rail Type Crab System & End Carriages

We at VCIPL manufacture the best quality Crab System, End Carriages and its components. Talking about Crab System and End Carriages form a really important part we introduce ourselves as end carriage manufacturers providing our customers with different class and variety of products in this range.

The Crab System and End Carriages we manufacture are intact and durable. Not only this, they possess a good load bearing capacity. These are also versatile which means that their use is not limited to only a few applications. These can be used at different places according to the requirements. And as far as one buys them from the best manufacturer like VCIPL these will serve your industry for long. Here we test all these multiple times before putting them to actual use. This why our products are quite durable and we have become one of the customers favorite Crab System and End Carriages manufacturers. With some excellent characteristics and classic features, we here bring the best of all products in end carriages. 


  • Compact Design & High Safety Level
  • Wide Selection of Operation Speed
  • Easily Accessible Cut down Repair Time
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