VCIPL provides cranes and material handling systems for all lifting applications in the Heavy Engineering Industry.

Innovative solutions for reducing costs of new factories while integrating outdoor and indoor material handling. Manufacturing complex precision systems of unusual sizes like large boilers, turbines and propellers require handling heavy loads with safety and precision.

In case of an existing factory, if the load-bearing capacity of the shed does not allow safe working load enhancement of the existing crane, VCIPL offers customized solutions with extra safety features, ease of control and compact design. This allows the availability of maximum shop floor area for the manufacturing activity.

In the case of a new factory, VCIPL’s involvement right from the project planning stage helps you optimize structure costs and ensure higher space utilization. For manufacturing in an open yard, features like track switch junction for perpendicular crane paths, adjustable span, and height of lift, shrouded bus bars for power supply provide greater flexibility in dynamic manufacturing scenario.

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