VCIPL has designed & manufactured a wide range of grab bucket system for all sectors, including the iron and steel, waste processing, overhead cranes and the environmental sector.

We provide a wide range of Grabs to handle a variety of Industries.

Notwithstanding your lifting needs, VCIPL is focused on giving you lifting equipment& services that expansion the esteem & adequacy of your business.

We have dependably been devoted to improving effectiveness & execution of organizations in a wide range. When you choose us, you obtain a novel wellspring of worldwide experience and learning joined with nearby expertise to engage your lifting arrangements & increment your well-being and profitability.


  • Grab buckets are designed as per, volume of material to be lifted and its cycle time of delivering the raw material to other line.
  • Grab buckets are required in the cement, sugar industry and various other industries for the applications and handling of bulk raw material to feed the supplies.
  • The grab buckets are offered with EOT cranes as well for various industrial applications.
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